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Amimed is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and manufacturer located in the UK with over 25 years of experience providing quality products and services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnical and clinical trials industries.



At Amimed, we source and manage Clinical Trials Supplies for your clinical research project, provide Packaging and Labelling Services. Please click on the table below or on the Services link for additional information that we provide.

If you require any additional information on any of the services that Amimed offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Do

At Amimed, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we built with our suppliers and clients and ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. At Amimed, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the products and services you need, when you need them; with an emphasis on quality and value.

Amimed provides supply chain support for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers and clinical trials industries. Whether you are looking for regulatory guidance for licensing your pharmaceutical product, packaging and labelling of your drug and/or management of your clinical trials supplies Amimed provides reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Amimed provides the quality products and services that add value to your supply chain.

Who We Are

First established as a group of pharmacies in 1982, our family owned business focused on providing pharmaceutical products to patients and pharmacies throughout the UK. Since acquiring our license as a wholesaler and manufacture we have established relationships with top wholesalers and manufacturers to provide a wide range of product and diverse supply chain. Operating as Amimed since 2000 and still family owned and operated, we continue the tradition of providing quality product and services to the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trials Marketplace.